NuvolTechs’ Cloud Security & Management practice helps companies secure their data, mitigate risks, enhance disaster recovery and improve compliance.

No business or IT executive can afford to overlook the critical risks posed by an inadequate understanding of cloud security and governance. A sound security and governance plan is essential for maximizing the value of a cloud implementation and should be part of any comprehensive cloud strategy.

NuvolTech has a deep understanding of the complexities of building and operating enterprise clouds and recognizes that every cloud implementation – not just those in financial services or healthcare verticals – brings with it unique security considerations and challenges.

We bring the traditional managed services model combined with the power of cloud. We have experienced systems administrators, architects, and engineers monitoring the deployments on a 24×7 basis. By using best of the breed tools for monitoring, alerting, change management, and altering, we provide you with the missing layer of support that is critical for your cloud deployments.

A Security & Governance engagement addresses fundamental cloud questions including:

  1. How do I best incorporate security and regulatory considerations into my cloud environment?
  2. What are the best strategies for risk mitigation and data protection for my organization?
  3. How can the cloud be used to reduce the costs and increase the resiliency of my disaster recovery and business continuity planning?

Why NuvolTech for Cloud Management ?

Maintenance – Migrating the applications to the cloud is only half of the story. Maintaining them regularly is extremely important to get the best return on investment. Our experienced DevOps teams can maintain your deployments through automated tools that schedule periodic backups, diagnostics and health checks to ensure smooth running of your business. We use industry standard tools to enable 24X7 monitoring that deliver customised alerts and notifications.

Optimization – Most of the times, just the migration of an application may not offer the real benefits of the cloud. It needs to be optimised for performance and cost. Our systematic process of optimising applications deployed on the cloud promises enhanced performance and availability. By implementing the right level of caching, performance tuning, and auto scale policies, your applications will deliver significant performance. We also apply cost optimisation techniques by helping you choose the right resource types, pricing tiers and support contracts.

Integration – No application lives in a silo! Our hybrid framework will help you easily extend your on-premise assets to the cloud. We have experience in securely integrating on-premise ERP systems with the cloud applications.

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