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As software portfolio maintenance costs are magnified by regulatory requirements, large enterprises are shifting to PaaS to standardize application environments. Traditional software development processes must also adapt to take advantage of PaaS. NuvolTechs’ PaaS & Cloud SDLC services provide the framework and training for the broad adoption of PaaS among enterprise business and technology delivery teams.

Overview Our Cloud Training package has been designed for IT Professionals and companies those are new to the Cloud Computing environment. It has been formulated to give our clients the most comprehensive overview of the Cloud space.

Agenda Cloud Computing represents a new computing paradigm. There is certainly a lot to learn. NuvolTechs’ Cloud Training allows our customers to cover a lot of ground in the shortest possible period of time. We analyze the pros and cons of different top-tier cloud vendors and solutions.

Different from the Rest Unlike many of our competitors, NuvolTech does not concentrate on a particular Cloud Provider or a predefined set of products. We evaluate your specific needs and suggest the most appropriate fit for your company. But what is even more important, we help you understand what it would take to build a Business on top of the Cloud. We cover all aspects of IT Governance, such as Software Development, Software Deployment, Quality Assurance, and IT Operations in the Cloud Environment.

Course Details:

Highlights of Cloud Administrator training:

  1. Launching cloud servers
  2. Volume management and Snapshots
  3. Storage management on Amazon S3
  4. Automating deployment with CLI
  5. Managing DevOps with AWS OpsWorks
  6. Deploying applications with AWS CloudFront
  7. Domain management with Route 53
  8. Email relay integration with SES
  9. Setting up Load Balancers
  10. Monitoring with CloudWatch
  11. AutoScale Setup
  12. Introduction to other public clouds and features
  13. Troubleshooting
  14. Realtime Scenarios
  15. Many more...

Highlights of Cloud Developer training:

  • Developing cloud based applications
  • Deploying applications to AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Programming with Amazon SimpleDB and DynamoDB
  • Using Amazon S3 for storage
  • Using CloudFront for CDN Service
  • Introduction to other cloud APIs
  • Many more...

Highlights of Cloud Architect training:

  • Designing highly scalable web applications on the cloud
  • Architecting fault tolerant solutions
  • High performance, Low latency app design
  • Vertical and Horizontal scaling
  • Application auto scale
  • Secure storage deployment
  • Securing applications
  • Realtime use cases

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