NuvolTechs’ Platform as a Service offerings expedite building and operating PaaS to help clients realize new revenues while reducing software development and maintenance costs.

As software portfolio maintenance costs are magnified by regulatory requirements, large enterprises are shifting to PaaS to standardize application environments. Traditional software development processes must also adapt to take advantage of PaaS. NuvolTechs’ PaaS & Cloud SDLC services provide the framework and training for the broad adoption of PaaS among enterprise business and technology delivery teams.

A comprehensive PaaS & Cloud SDLC engagement addresses fundamental cloud questions including:

  1. Which PaaS vendors are viable?
  2. Which common cloud workloads are appropriate for each PaaS?
  3. What else is needed beyond each vendor’s PaaS solution?
  4. How can I use PaaS to expedite cloud native development?
  5. What are common mistakes in adopting PaaS?
  6. What is different about supporting cloud applications on PaaS?
  7. What is needed to operate PaaS and how do I improve repeatability, testability and scalability?

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